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This website contains all of the information about our company, our security system, our strategies, our research and development. Our security system is truly revolutionary and we are pleased to have your interest in our high impact product. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to request a password to the password protected areas of this website.

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Prevent Intrusions

Introducing, the completely revolutionary and innovative solution to home and commercial building intrusions: PTD’s F645 security system. Unlike traditional security systems which only alert the owner of a residential or commercial building AFTER an intrusion has occurred, the F645 system is the only preventative security system that deters intruders BEFORE they enter your property. Using Infrasonic Wave Detection technology, a recently declassified technology developed for and used by the military to detect enemy ships and submarines from long distances, a single F645 unit has the power to detect any sudden disturbance or sharp impact on the exterior of a building and deter it BEFORE the intrusion even occurs.

Peace of Mind

People seek peace of mind when it comes to securing their property. The average response to traditional alarm systems is about 20 minutes. Intruders are no longer threatened by the old technology of traditional alarm systems, mainly because they know they have the time to act before law enforcement officials arrive. Traditional alarm systems do little to ensure peace of mind when compared with the revolutionary technology inherent in the PTD F645 system.

The Terrifying Bark

Research conducted by law enforcement agencies shows a dog’s bark is the number one deterrent to an intruder. The PTD F645 security system features the actual recording of a Rottweiler’s terrifying bark in very realistic sound pressure levels as well as the capability to activate lights, sirens, cameras and/or any AC powered device that the customer chooses to plug into the F645 unit. Movements or activities from inside the building will not trigger the system, making for an incredibly effective but pleasantly un-disruptive protection experience.


The F645 PTD security system will be manufactured for PTD Security Systems LLC in the USA by Tropical Assemblies, Inc., a major Defense, Medical, Avionics and Wireless technology manufacturer. PTD Security Systems LLC is proud to manufacture their product(s) in the United States, helping to create jobs and raise revenue within the US.